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Maximize Your Music Release Strategy with Notion: User Guide

Are you getting ready to share your latest music with the world? Planning your release is super important for making sure your album launch goes smoothly. Luckily, there's a helpful tool called the Music Release Planner—it's a Notion template made just for musicians like you.

Getting Started: Copying the Template

To start using the Music Release Planner, first, you need to make a copy of the Notion template. This template is designed to help musicians at any stage of their career, whether you're just starting out or you've been in the game for a while.

Using the Music Release Planner

Once you've copied the template, you can use it to plan and organize your music releases. Here's how:

1. Setting Deadlines: The Music Release Planner lets you set deadlines for when you want to release your singles, albums, or EPs. This helps you stay on track with your schedule.

2. Keeping Contacts: It's important to know the right people in the music industry. With the Music Release Planner, you can keep track of contacts like playlist curators, journalists, and collaborators—all in one place.

3. Planning Events: Hosting events or promotional activities can create excitement around your music release. With the Music Release Planner, you can plan and organize these events easily, whether they're virtual or in-person.

4. Tracking Progress: You can use the Music Release Planner to keep an eye on how well your release is doing. It helps you see things like how many people are streaming your music or engaging with you on social media.

Make the Most of Your Release

In the music industry, timing is everything. Using the Music Release Planner can help you plan and execute your release with confidence, no matter where you are in your career.

Our free Music Release Planner gives you the tools you need to promote your music effectively all within a simple Notion dashbaord.